My Verizon App Reviews

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A must have for Verizon customers.

Great app for keeping on top of usage on multiple lines. Very user friendly and convenient for modifying and making payments to your account.

Wont work

It worked perfect at first now wont even open. Crap.

Works Great!

Love the app! Its easy to use, straight forward, and holds my information correctly. Thanks for making an app that works for those of us outside of the U.S.


Good application !

Happy customer

Verizon day two with your service and website and I am over the moon pleased. Thank you

Verizon needs take care of their app.

They even dont allow mw to pay for my bill. Bug about password reset is still not fixed.

Cannot install app.

App stucks on full progress bar and doesnt install.

Hate It

Hands down the worst software update. Who was the genius that approved this?

Verizon made simple

This is the best companion app for my phone. Can pay bill and many other useful things.

Can no longer log into app

After latest update, the app for not allow me to log in because it does not recognize that the device belongs to me. Can still log into account through my phones web browser.

Short sweet and to be point!

I only paid my bill, but man was that stress free! Thank god for making a simply process well.... SIMPLE!

Bad update

Can no longer log in using the app. Error 13000.

Terrible update

The older version was a lot easier to navigate and the overview on the opening page. Now you have to go from screen to screen to see the same data that was on one easy to read screen. Whoever designed this new version is in need of training to program simpler apps rather than a kindergarten set of screens. Please change it back.

Unable to use

App has not been functional for the last two weeks now. Tried deleting the app then re downloading twice. No changes. Very frustrating. Please send update to correct.

Good app, but..

This app is amazing, but like many of the other reviews it could use some improvement.

Why do they!

Loved the other then now they change and have to learn all the ins and outs all over again. Leave well enough alone.

Good but not great

Its good but not great.

This app is useless on iPad

This app was a great app on iPad until it was updated. Safe the space on your iPad. Dont bother downloading it. Just use Safari.

Used to be good! Now cannot use!

Updated app no longer lets me sign in from my phone where app resides because owner device # on my account is a MyFi Portable WIFi unit. App used to save me so much time to use to check my account, bill info and make a payment in seconds! Now I cannot sign in since my Verizon account owner device is a WiFi unit & not a phone where the app resides, even though I added my phone from AT&T to the account.

App rating

User friendly! Very easy

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